Fertile Underground Plant Food

Your indoor plants deserve high quality all natural fertilizer. Feed your plants to their full potential with Fertile-Underground Soil Food!

Used by the earliest farmers, manure based fertilizers are recognized
most superior of the natural soil amendments. It remains to this day
preferred for its impressive and unmatched results. We've advanced the
traditional aging and drying process to an artisan level, uniquely
designed and crafted for the plants inside your home.

Poultry based fertilizer is the nitrogen superstar of its league.
It's densely packed with macro and micro-nutrients that create rich,
fertile underground conditions that your plants will thrive in. With a
unique slow-releasing nutrient delivery system, your plant experiences a
more natural, consistent intake of nourishment.

  • 3-3-3 Soil Amendment

    Our Plant Food has been lab tested for the three main nutrients plants thrive on: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

  • Slow Release Nutrient Delivery

    One application of Fertile Underground Plant Food will keep your plants fed and happy for two months

  • All Natural Plant Fetilizer

    No chemicals added 100% all natural fertilizer that your plants will love

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Easy to use. 1)Pour, 2) Stir into topsoil, 3) Water. Repeat in two months.